Great little hair growth tracker for natural, relaxed or transitioning hair

hairbook aims to be the no1 app for hair growth tracking and hair journey. It is on its exciting journey to get there and here are some of the feature that are or will be coming

Long alluring hair shouldn't be out of reach of anyone, Hairbook is here to help, whether your goal is to reach long hair or healthy hair. This hair journal will help you along the way. This journal tracker can help both natural, curly / coily hair and smooth relaxed hair achieving their goals. Tracking is the best way to ensure you actually achieve your goals by knowing where you’ve been where you are now and where you want to be

Visualise your hair goals today, use the planner to see your hair prejected hair growth, see how long it will take, view your trims and goals.

Record your regimen, and your daily activities in the journal, what went well with your hair care and what product you’ve used

Get trim reminders, of when to trim and set how much you want to trim. See it its effect on the visualisation.

Read hand-picked article for your hair type, and what you like to read; hair care news, hair growth tips and remedies, product reviews, guides for hair care.

Keep an inventory of your most loved hair products in a touch away. (feature coming soon)

Get genuine user reviews from people who've actually tried the hair product and recall all those hair products that made you cringe.